Vatom empowers creators to activate, engage & monetize audiences at scale. 

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Why Studio?

Studio is an advanced NFT Builder made for creators and artists like you. 

  • No application for NFT creation, no approval, no downtime. Get started immediately
  • Create NFT's for FREE
  • Integrated with The Vatom Wallet,  The Vatom Market, and Spaces Metaverse
  • Receive royalties on secondary sales
  • Display all of your NFT's in your own free metaverse gallery for sale in addition to The Vatom Market


Studio Creator Tool
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What is a Smart NFT?

Vatoms, virtual atoms, are programmable NFTs. Vatoms or smart NFTs are dynamic, compelling digital objects, that connect brands and customers, artists and fans, citizens and governments, friends, families, and global gamers. 


  • Smart NFTs can be: Images, Videos & 3D interactive objects 
  • Smart NFTs can be collected, traded, coined, or redeemed, and can change state based on real-world events such as weather or sports cores. 
  • Smart NFTs can be sold for physical or digital goods
  • Designed for discovery, a Smart NFT can be dropped onto a map or Spaces Metaverse, captured in augmented reality, moved into virtual reality, transferred and stored, or sold in The Vatom Market.
  • Interactive digital goods that can move seamlessly and instantly between users and across any smart device. Smart NFTs are the new standard for digital objects and have the ability to transform industries and become the foundation of the emerging virtual goods economy.
  • Every smart NFT built on BLOCKv protocol is registered, unique, and may be limited. Precise in quantity, Smart NFTs are created, but not copied.

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1. Signup for Vatom NFT Studio Tool

2. Create your first NFT

3. Setup seller account, add your ETH Address, and complete KYC process.

4. Distribute to the Marketplace, drop using AR or in the Spatial Web metaverse. 


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